Why A Weekly NoCode Update?

The idea of creating something without having to code isn’t new - the earliest WYSIWYG creation tools were no code tools in their own right. These ideas have been in the works for decades, but the NoCode landscape literally exploded in 2020 with many new (and unknown) products launched to make your life easier.

So what is a NoCode product? The NCW definition is:

A NoCode platform eliminates friction between your ideas and their manifestation.

Often this friction is a result of a gap coding knowledge. In practice, however, this is typically a 'perceived' gap.

If you look hard enough, two simultaneous trends are coming together:

  1. The massive improvement in NoCode tools, which today allow you to build almost anything on the internet.
  2. A new generation of entrepreneurs looking to create something new with their knowledge, spurred by the 2020 pandemic.

2020 has been a weird year – and kudos to you for riding it out and making the most of the new reality! It’s time for a fresh start, and 2021 gives us just that. A ton of makers are making it happen – and they’re using NoCode tools to do it. The No Code Movement is on the cusp of going mainstream – the tools are getting better and we are helping the word get out.

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