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What happens when you have an idea? When you need to make a note? How about when you need to clip an article from the web or save a new document to the cloud? If you’re like most people, this probably involves a confusing smattering of tools. Here’s a common workflow – jot down ideas and notes in Apple Notes or Google Keep, clip articles using Evernote and save documents on iCloud, Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox. Wow – what a mess!

Transform how you think and do stuff!

If there’s one productivity tool that could potentially transform the way you approach thinking and doing, it’s Notion. It’s a completely free (for personal users) tool that combines an internal wiki, task + project management, notes (full Markdown support), web clipper and so much more. In fact, NCW is written and compiled using Notion.

Although not on anyone’s radar as a No-Code tool, Notion’s listed here, because of two features that supercharge the experience for advanced users – databases and public pages (maybe even a website)!

This is a great example of doers using Notion. But you seem like a productivity nut, so check out this awesome LifeOS framework by Youtuber August Bradley. The geeks are welcome to 🤓 out!!



  • Dig deeper into Notion with Danny Hatcher. His no-nonsense style is apt for beginners and pros alike.
  • A lot of No-Code resources are just getting started. Here’s an interesting upcoming No-Code interview series

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