⚡️ What website would you build in 10 minutes? ⚡️


Sometimes, a simple website is all you need. And if it takes minutes to build, even better! The founders at Dorik seem to taken this approach to heart. After debuting as #2 on PH, what started as a single-page no-code website builder, has morphed into much more within months. Today you can use their templates and 120+ UI components to create multi-page websites with unlimited pages, various content types, and much more.

Within minutes of creating a free website one evening, I decided to migrate all of NoCode Weekly to Dorik. While it doesn't have a CMS built in, the template tools make it easy enough to modify and manage content. They also have an ace up their sleeve with integrations to a ton of popular services like Zapier, Integromat, MailChimp, Intercom, etc. Their best feature imo however, is their customer support. Mizan, their founder responds within minutes and I'm sure doesn't sleep - ever!!   

Doc Williams has one of the most in-depth tutorials on creating a website with Dorik, and their YT channel showcases new features regularly. Seriously, you can follow along and have an awesome website in less than an hour.

Do it! This weekend! 🚀


Mini-milestones were achieved! 💎

The makers were busy making! 🏋️‍♀️

And bars were written.. 🎤


My buddy over at NoCodeDevs made an super-nifty Website GIF tool and showed e veryone how he did it 14 min video.

If last week was about WebFlow, this week it's Softr's turn to raise some serious dough. Is it just me or does it feel like we'll see more 💰💰💰 raised in the coming weeks?

Luc Meijer, a friend of NCW launched his first NoCode internet product - a super quick way to pick out the best NoCode Automation Tool for your team! Show him some ♥️!!

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